for: John Muir High School Classmates, Class of 1956.
revised December 27, 2015
Go Mustangs ..

John Muir High School, Class of 1956

60th Reunion
October 6th - 8th, 2016

Thursday through Saturday

Message for JMHS alumni from year 1956.

A short history of Pasadena's founders, Blizzards to Blooms, is available now on this web site. Our own Natalie Keinonen Nicholls followed her (and our) curiosity on how 27 Indiana families got Pasadena started in the 1870s. Natalie's essay is a nugget of discovery, a New Year's float just with us in mind.

55th Reunion for JMHS class of 1956 was
enjoyed by all Friday, October 14, 15,16 of 2011.
Find a record: Planning Committee Minutes.

Remembering Coach Don Hunt, 1925-2010.


Check back to this same web page for any updates. Who knows? Jack tends to come back to old projects every few months.

Here's a recent response from Mark Helbling, a retrospective poem,
with Jack's supporting graphic scanned from our 1956 Hoofbeats yearbook.

Find a mirror copy of Eddie Moses outstanding, but retired, alumni web site for JMHS class of 1956, just as it appeared on January 24, 2007. This mirror copy shows very early 2006 Classmate Roster, Missing Classmates, and In Memoriam pages. That data was updated during 2006 reunion preparations, as gathered in the comparable three links near top of the web page you are now viewing.

For all past classes, the John Muir High School Alumni Association has alumni activities, a History Center on the campus, and a support committee to aid current high school students.

General Interest Addendum:

Occasionally, we'll have a report of general interest from a classmate. Do you have something you'd like to share, dear classmates of 56??
This web page is now by Jack

Remember the Rhythm Kings from Eliot and Muir High.
That story goes on.

Senior class pictures from the 1956 Hoofbeats Yearbook are still available for viewing here. These are about 40% of the 1956 yearbook pages.

Check the wider John Muir High School Alumni Association for activities and happenings there. And from your classmates in Southern California ...

Classmate names are readily sorted by postal ZIP code. While two-thirds of our graduating class now resides in California, classmates reside in 27 states and six foreign countries, plus Puerto Rico.


Follow this link for more detail on how we cluster.

The class planning committee in Pasadena will be kept informed to assure that whatever diverse communications may develop will not replace, substitute or interfere with any Pasadena-based events or planning. Privacy can be protected by carefully segment the list for only appropriate and limited uses.


Still find links here to the latest post-reunion listing of classmates, whether any of:

Classmate Roster (2007)

Missing Classmates (2007)

In Memoriam (deceased-as known in 2007).

These links are to PDF files, viewable on most browsers. Or you can right-click on the links, and download the PDF files to read and print more easily from your own PDF reader.

Read a recent numerical breakdown of the class roster, how many are still missing, or are deceased.

Our official class alumni site will have this same data, though the files will probably be revised first on this newsletter. Please send any news relevant to the data as it may occur, by email, both to Jack and to Eddie.

We estimated that about 160 classmates attended our August 50th year reunion. Adding spouses and partners, about 250 persons were at the Saturday evening dinner at the University Club. Additional events included group tours and gatherings of classmates at each feeder Junior High School (Eliot, Washington, La Canada); an evening whiz-bang on the evening prior the main dinner, and a Sunday picnic to cap things off. It was a busy few days.


In February 2014, John Martin passed away. As a friend to many as a student-athlete at Muir High, John was President of the Modern Sounds Club. In his adult life John continued and taught his gentle artistry through his paintings. He wrote, " I leave this world and I am at peace, letting the emotions flow from my heart to my hands."